A Message to Caregivers from Dr. Cederquist

As a mother of 4 and business owner, I fully recognize that there's only so much time in the day, and it's up to each of us to make the most of each and every moment. For those of us entrusted with the care of a loved-one, it's just as important that we provide ourselves with the same high-degree of care as we do others. That's why I created Silver Cuisine. It is my desire not only to serve the nutritional needs of seniors, but to help simplify one of the most important duties a caregiver has - providing quality meals & nutrition. I understand that you want to care for your family and give your parents, spouse or siblings the best at-home care possible. To do that, Silver Cuisine provides:

Dr Cedarquest
  • A simple, customizable meal plan - order only what your loved one needs and likes
  • Microwave safe meals in easy to use packaging
  • Scientifically designed meals to meet the macronutrients for senior health
  • Convenient ordering and fast, door step delivery

It’s that easy. By trusting the nutritional aspects of your caregiving role to Silver Cuisine, you free up time to use however you like. I understand being a caregiver can be overwhelming. At times, you may experience stress and anxiety about balancing it all. Our team is here to take some of the work, and all of the stress, off of your plate. After all, nothing is more important than family and spending quality time with the ones closest to you.